Tuesday, 21 April 2009

So what did happen in the Veg Plot in 2008?

Well, to start with it was not a good year for weeds. That is to say it was a good year if you were a weed but not if you were a gardener trying to get rid of them!
My grandfather had always taught me that the secret to success was meticulous weeding. Do your weeding properly and thoroughly by getting every bit of root out of the ground and life would be easier for the rest of the growing season . . . and more importantly your growing plants wouldn't get choked by competing with growing weeds. The only weeds you would have to contend with would be the surface growing weeds which can easily be dealt with by a quick hoeing on a sunny day.
It was a good year for the weeds because it was such a wet March, April and May which made it almost impossible to get on the ground. This meant it was getting on for the end of May before the ground was ready for any planting. I hadn't realised what hard work digging and weeding the vegetable patch could be . . . but then again perhaps years of inactivity were coming home to roost!
Having cleared, dug and weeded the first thing to go in was a clump of rhubarb which my wife scrounged from someone who was about to throw it out (sacrilege). It has established itself well but I decided not to force it this year and give it another year before we starting picking any.

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